Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Genetic Counselor

My job as a Genetic Counselor is not as easy as it looks. I must research into each disease that I am given, and I have to look into the patient's life. PeoplAdd Imagee do not always cooperate and neither do the diseases. It is a difficult job and I am here to tell you about Color Blindness.

A genetic counselor usually talks to its patients about birth defects and genetic forms. They help families cope with a loved one who is affected, and they are usually a part of a health care crew. People are allowed, even asked, to talk about personal and medical problems that they are having. They try to help out their patient as much as possible. Genetic Counselors tend to ask patients about their family history, their health history, and even their pregnancy history.

You can see a genetic counselor on about any health problem that you may have. Your issues may include genetic diseases or mutations, and it can lead all the way to wondering if you will be affected while you have an x-ray when you are pregnant. Also, you can find a genetic counselor almost anywhere. All you have to do is ask your health care professional.

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