Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can I inherit this disease?

Almost every person that I have come into contact with has asked me this same question. The answer is "yes." Anyone, male or female, can inherit this disease, but it is very rare for a female to inherit it. Males are more likely to have the genotype for color blindness because they only have one x-chromosome.

Color Blindness is an x-linked trait. This means that the defective gene leading to color blindness is located on the x-chromosome. The reason that females are unlikely to be color blind is because they have two x-chromosomes (females chromosomes: XX/ male chromosomes XY). If they have a defective x, then they have an extra one that is know as a "back up." You must remember, that color blindness IS NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!

As I have said, it is an x-linked trait. If your father has it , or is a carrier, then the offspring is able to have color blindness. There are also some cases where you can inherit color blindness from an earlier family member (only if they have it, or if they are carriers).


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